The Purpose of This Site

This site exists as a public service to prevent people from being fraud victims of Marius Erasmus through the following sites or companies:


  • EntCo

  • 321Go Travel Consultants

  • SA Passport

A list of some of the experiences of people who have dealt with Marius Erasmus is available here.

There is no intention to harm Marius Erasmus, but simply to prevent any people losing money due to fraud by him.


To prevent confusion as to his identity, the following details are on public record for him at CIPC, the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission:

ID Number 781225 XXXX 08 X

Physical Address:

29 Tenth Street

De La Rey



Please read the posts for facts relating to these businesses, and also feel free to make a comment or to contact us to add material that will ensure people are not defrauded.

NB Р IMPORTANT: If there is any material that is on this site that is factually incorrect or infringes rights in any way please contact us to have it removed.

2 thoughts on “The Purpose of This Site”

  1. This guy took money from people promise them to get them holiday accomodation, he tried it with my step mother, he didnt come right. Then he saw my Sister’s Photo on my Mother’s Whatsapp Profile, where he said before she get married she must get into bed with him. I was told that he is going to expose me on FACEBOOK with NO REASON unlike him where he’s stealing money from other People. But soon he will get his ass in JAIL thats one thing for sure, cause im busy with this investigation..

    If there is anybody out there that can give a statement of whom he pretent to help, where he was paid, & never got anything from him can please contact me via e-mail on

  2. I wish I did a google search and found this website before I did business with Marius Erasmus,but sadly I didn’t, afterall it is human nature to trust people. About 3 weeks ago I made a post on a Facebook group called “Margate South Coast: KZN RSA holiday accommodation” . Marius contacted me on facebook messenger. After a conversation on whatsapp and e-mail I paid R3600 into his account to book accommodation in the Duzamamzi complex in Ramsgate. His invoice looked a bit fishy and I couldn’t find the company called Reizen consultants on the internet (registered as 321 Go Travel). I tried to reverse the transaction at my bank,but he had already withdrawn the money. I confronted him and he promised to refund me, dangling me along for weeks with all kinds of excuses. Well, obviously I didn’t get a refund. I am going to lay a charge at the police, although I don’t have much hope of ever getting my money back, I hope this crook does get caught one day and gets what he deserves for deceiving ans stealing from innocent people!!!

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